Mammagard Sizing

Mammagard Hardness Chart


There are four sizes and four levels of firmness of Mammagard to cater for every woman!
Just find your weight (in kilograms) on the left-hand column to see what firmness of Mammagard is best for you.

Once you know your firmness, you can use the sizing chart below to find your perfect fit!
Mammagard Hardness Chart


Once you know your Mammagard level of firmness; Super Soft (baby pink), Soft (hot pink), Medium (purple), and Firm (orange), you can find your Size (1-4).
Find your cup size on the left-hand column, and using your level of firmness from Step One, see which size Mammagard will be best for your chest!

Don't know your cup size? Click here for our handy guide.

Still confused? Shoot us an email at with your weight and cup size, and we can help you out!